Let them learn the fun way through play!
Let them learn the fun way through play!



At  present we have 7 staff at the preschool, all of whom are fully qualified to a minimum Level 3, as well as having bank staff to cover staff absences. All our staff are vetted to a high standard and all hold current DBS checks that are on the update service. 

 Staff are currently first aid trained with epi-pen training but we will always have at least 1 first aider is on the premises at all times. 

Staff are also appointed in the following roles with additional training undertaken... Senco/Enco, Safeguarding Designated person, Health & safety Officer and fire safety officer. All staff are also trained in Prevent duty, FGM and safeguarding level 2 (minimum).

We are a close team of qualified adults, who are responsible for improving their own personal professional development.

Meet the staff

Nicole S - Manager - "Hello I am Nicole, I am the manager of happy Stars however I am also designated safeguarding lead, health and safety officer & Fire safety officer. I have my level 3 qualification is childcare, learning and development and I peadiatric first aid trained with Epi-Pen trained to a higher experience. I am also trained in fire safety, health and safety, food health and hygiene, safeguarding levels 1, 2, 3, Allergens, allergies, Behavioural management, SENCO level 3 & safer recruitment trained."

Margaret M - Deputy Manager - "Hello I am Margaret, I am the deputy manager and ENCO of happy stars. I have experience in childcare of well over 30 years with my Level 3 in childcare. I havemy pediatric first aid and I am also trained in safeguarding level 3, health and safety, behavioural management, food health and hygiene, fire safety, Allergens, Allergies and many more."

Den S - Pre-school Practitioner - "Hello I am Den, I am the longest reining staff member of over 14 years! I am a level 3 practitioner and I have my Peadatric first aid. I am previously trained in SENCO and I have epi-pen training. I also have my safeguarding level 2, behavioural management and I am food health and hygeine trained."

Amy F - Pre-school Practitioner, SENCO - "Hello I am Amy, I am a level 3 practitioner at happy stars and I am also the named SENCO. I have my level 3 in SENCO and also my level 2 in safeguarding as well as health and safety, food health and hygiene, FGM and Prevent duty. I am epi-pen trained within my Peadiatric first aid training. I actually gained my level 2 AND level 3 qualification as a student at Happy Stars and was officially taken on as a staff member after I qualified."

Katie P - Preschool Practitioner - "Hello I am Katie, I am level 3 practitioner at Happy Stars and like Amy I have been at the pre-school since I was a student where I achieved my level 2 AND 3 where I was taken on as a member of staff. I am peadatric first aid trained with epi-pen training. I am food health and hygiene trained and trained in safeguarding level 2. I am also trained in health and safety."

Ashleigh L - Preschool Practitioner - "Hello I am Ashleigh, I am a level 6 practitioner and I am peadiatric first aid trained with epi-pen training. I have many many certificates for my personal development such as Behavioural mangement, autism awareness, health and safety, fire safety, food health and hygiene, prevent, FGM, safeguarding level 2 and allergies/allergen awareness."

Katie S - Preschool Practitioner - "Hello I am Katie, I am the newest member of staff at happy stars. I am level 3 qualified in childcare."


Debbie M - Bank Assistant.


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